About Tom

Tom Rasada
Born in Culver City CA
Married 20+ years with 4 children

Licensed general contractor
Licensed plumbing contractor
Class 3 pyro technician
Scuba certified
Licensed ham operator

Tom started as a prop maker in the motion picture industry on the movie Volcano. He worked in the mill and then moved into building sets. While working on Volcano, Tom transferred to the Special Effects department due to his plumbing expertise. He assisted in the installation of over thirty miles of steel pipe for the fire effects. Soon after, Tom was transferred to work with the pyro-supervisor. Tom assisted in the manufacturing and the maintenance of devices to simulate explosions. After principle photography was completed, he was transferred to the visual effects crew. Since then, he has worked on many movies and commercials with many different special effects crews. He has obtained his pyrotechnic license and prop shop credentials (steps required for obtaining his special effects certification).

Some of the movies Tom has worked on include the following: Godzilla, Matrix 2, Blue Streak, and most recently Freaky Friday, Sky High, Just like Heaven and Flight Plan.

Tom has come along way in the film industry and with his great work ethic and friends he has made along the way will continue to advance in the industry.